Let me write your letter through photos.

My camera is your pen, and your wedding day your letter. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved writing letters. Whether it be in a journal, to friends, or as a pen-pal, the magic of letter writing could instantly transport me to another world. And looking back on them, reading in between the lines and taking notice of every mark and stroke, it's as if I could go back in time and relive that very moment. That's how I approach photography. Let me write your letter, the laughs, the tears, the moments through photos. I pride myself in being approachable and transparent in all of my communications, as well as always responding to a message within a few hours. You'll never be wondering what the next step is and you'll never have to worry about planning out the details. I want to make booking a wedding photographer so easy, you won't even feel a shred of stress. You deserve a photographer who goes above and beyond to not only deliver beautiful photos, but also great customer service. With all that happens throughout the day, you may miss a few moments that happen. But with me behind the camera, you'll know you can re-live your wedding day as if you never missed a thing. Don't let your story be forgotten, let your letter be written through photos.

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